One time career detective and police officer, now full time student at Manchester Metropolitan University studying for a PhD.  My thesis: Emotional In-authenticity: the psychological outcome of emotional labour for police officers.

I am really care about people telling their stories and having them heard.

If you are interested in knowing more about how I got here, please read my first three posts.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. SJ. It’s great to see you taking such an important subject by the scruff of the neck and creating understanding, knowledge and practical applications.
    Your strength lay in your ability to recognise limitations. Your wisdom lies in your ability to do something positive with it.
    If at one point life seemed to have given you lemons – you have now made lemonade. Well done.


  2. Sarah Jane, my name is Gareth Hughes and I work in GMP’s Behaviour Change Team, part of Change Branch. I’m nearly 29 years into my policing career and a firm believer that we (GMP) generally don’t do ‘people’, so with what service I have remaining I want to shout loud enough at those with the power to do something about it. I’ve read about your research into emotional suppression in policing and have requested a copy of it via GMP’s Scanning team, which is how I got on to your blog.

    It is clear you are very busy but it would be great if we could get a chat at some point; GMP is moving into the second ‘Staff Engagement Survey’ in October (Durham University) which will be very interesting as it will capture how people are since the implementation of the new Local Policing Model…the first survey having taken place beforehand. We’re anticipating a hit on ‘Emotional Energy’ which undermines any efforts at improving performance. A couple of colleagues and myself have been working with a uniform shift at South Manchester, trying to understand the behavioural influences that drive compliance / non-compliance with NCRS and the findings of that are also fascinating (we took some advice on field obs from an ethnographer at Manchester Business School), as well as all the other issues that we picked up during the obs.

    Anyway, if you would like to have that chat then please let me know; my email is gareth,hughes@gmp.police.uk and my mobile number is 07827232283. If not then a refusal will not offend and I hope you go on to great success with your work (which given what you’ve written in your blogs is clearly where you are heading!).

    Thanks, and well done,



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